AutoTrader Names the Honda Passport One of the Best Cars for Dog Lovers

August 30th, 2021 by

2021 Honda Passport

It’s getting more and more common for drivers to bring their dogs along for the ride and some features make some vehicles better for dog owners than others.

Here are some of the necessary features that AutoTrader Editors looked for when finding the best cars for dog lovers include;

  • Durable Seats
    • Vinyl, leather, and faux leather are the preferred seating materials for dog lovers because of their durability against claws, and they’re easy to clean up
  • Tinted Rear Windows
    • It can get hot in cars even when the air conditioning is on so tinted rear windows can help keep the back seats and cargo area cool for our furry friends. Rear sun shades
  • Low Cargo Floor
    • Large dogs can hop into a lifted vehicle with no problem but if you had a small or medium sized dog, or an old dog, they might struggle to get up into the vehicle. A lower load floor will make it easier for dogs to hop in with no assistance
  • Rear Air Vents
    • Rear air vents are a must for keeping a dog comfortable and safe in the back seats
  • Cargo Tie-Downs
    • If you have automotive pet accessories like harnesses or kennels, they’re usually much more secure when using real cargo tie-down hooks

The 2021 Honda Passport is spacious, capable, and nicely equipped with plenty of standard safety equipment. The Passport is a good mid-size 2-row SUV for dog lovers because of the more than 100 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded down. It also has generous underfloor cargo storage with enough space for any dog toys or supplies that need to be transported. The Passport is also a nice off-road vehicle when equipped with AWD and Intelligent Traction Management with Normal, Snow, Mud, and Sand modes, perfect for any adventure.

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