2020 Honda Accord EX-L | Push Button Shifter & Paddle Shifters

June 29th, 2020 by

Push Button Shifter

The electronic gear shifter replaces the traditional shift knob with a sleek, convenient, button control panel. The system uses a combination of push buttons and pull-levers to shift the car into park, drive, neutral etc.

The lack of a traditional shifter knob creates a clean open space between the driver and passenger. It also eliminates interference with low-mounted controls and cup-holders.

Push buttons are used to activate Park, Drive, and Neutral and pull-levers are used to put the car in Reverse and to activate the Parking Brake. These two different types of buttons are used so that the driver doesn’t accidentally push the wrong gear. Whichever gear the car is in, that button will be lit up.


  • Econ-Mode is designed to help save gas by slightly changing how certain aspects of the vehicle operate. Honda ECON Button works by changing how your throttle response, cruise control, air condition and transmission works.
  • Throttle Response – When the Econ button is activated, the throttle slows down at the rate that your vehicle increases in speed, which saves on fuel consumption. For better performance, the speed remains unaffected at very slow or very high speeds.
  • Cruise Control – When your vehicle is in cruise control, the Econ mode will restrict its ability to downshift into a lower gear, which increases its efficiency.
  • Air Conditioning – The Econ mode will also make the air conditioning more efficient. Once the cabin initially cools off, the air conditioning will shut off more frequently and blow air more slowly.
  • Transmission – The Econ mode will alter the shift points in your Honda’s transmission, which distributes power more efficiently throughout the car.

Sport Mode & Paddle Shifters

In Sport mode, the dampers become firmer for flat cornering; the Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides a direct, linear feel; Agile Handling Assist becomes more aggressive in the corners; drive-by-wire throttle response is powerful and direct; the transmission’s shifting is quicker; and Active Sound Control gives the Accord a sportier exhaust note.

The Paddle Shifters allow you to control the shift points on the continuously variable transmission or shift gears on the 10-speed automatic transmission.

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