Honda Accord EX-L 2.0 Turbo | Remote Start

July 16th, 2020 by

The 2020 Honda Accord EX-L 2.0 Turbo features a convenient remote start feature.

Remote Start can be activated as long as you are within 100 feet of the vehicle. To activate Remote Start, press the lock button followed by the Remote-Start button which is the semi-circle with an arrow. The headlights will flash 6 times, letting you know the system has been activated and the engine will run for 10 minutes, and then shut off.

To add another 10 minutes of running time, press the lock button followed by the remote-start button again. To stop the engine before the allotted amount of time is up, press the Remote-Start button once and the headlights will flash when the engine is turned off.

Inside of the vehicle, the climate control will adjust to a 72 degree cabin temperature. On warmer days, the system will use the A/C re-circulation mode, on cold days, the system uses heaters and defrosters.

When you get in the vehicle after using the remote start feature, press the brake and push the Engine Start\Stop button to begin driving.

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