"Driving to a Sustainable Future," Honda's Commitment to the Environment

"Honda does more than create sustainable products and processes, our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint inspires how we work in every way. We’re on a mission to ensure Blue Skies for Our Children, protecting the Earth for future generations."

Honda "Green Path"
“Green Path” starts with how Honda designs vehicles. It is currently focused on three primary environmental goals when designing vehicles:
  1. Eliminate substances of concern from all Honda products
  2. Develop vehicles and other products that are easier to recycle
  3. Eliminate scarce materials from our designs
The "Green Path" expands further to include manufacturing to reduce overall impact, smarter shipping, and Honda's "Green Dealers" program. Read more about how Honda is clearing the way to sustainability.
Reducing Emissions
The Honda SmartCharge beta program helps drivers reduce their environmental footprint and save money while charging their electric vehicles. The program uses the vehicle telematics system and Enel X subsidiary eMotorWerks' JuiceNet software platform, taking into account the amount of renewable energy being generated, the amount of CO2 emitted from power plants on the grid, and the driver's daily schedule to determine the best time to charge.
Honda SmartCharge is available through the HondaLink EV app for Honda Fit EV drivers. Get more information on the SmartCharge program here.
Electrified Vehicles for Everyone
Honda's current lineup is its most fuel-efficient ever, featuring a variety of electrically powered vehicles.
  • Hybrid
    • Runs on gas and electricity.
    • Honda hybrids can recover lost energy through regenerative braking.
  • Plug-in Hybrid
    • Runs on a store of electricity first, then automatically switches to gas when needed.
    • Honda plug-in hybrids can recover lost energy through regenerative braking.
  • Electric
    • Runs on electricity drawn from a high-voltage battery.
    • Honda electric vehicles can recover lost energy through regenerative braking.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell
    • Runs on electricity generated by hydrogen.
    • Honda hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can recover lost energy through regenerative braking.
For more information on Honda's path to sustainability, and to read the full environmental report, visit: https://www.honda.com/environment
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